PPDB SMA Negeri 1 SUBOH Tahun 2021/2022

Selamat dan sukses atas diterimanya calon siswa siswi SMA NEGERI 1 SUBOH


Bagi Siswa yang diterima tahap 1 dan tahap 2 pangambilan berkas daftar ulang di ambil disekolah (Tampa didampingi orang tua, kecuali yang belum mengisi surat pernyataan )pada hari senin 31 mei 2021 jam 08.00 – 12.00 Dengan Syarat membawa surat pernyataan yang telah diberikan pada saat sosialisasi pada hari kamis 20 mei 2021


Pengambilan berkas daftar ulang, siswa dimohon didampingi orang tua. Pada hari selasa 1 juni 2021 pada jam 08.30 – 10.00 dengan membawa materai 10.000

Suboh 30 mei 2021

Czech Marriage Guidelines – How to Make Your Marriage Last

If you are looking for Czech marital relationship tips, it’s a good idea to read through to the subject. A large number of czech lovers maintain a proper relationship in spite of spending time apart. Although many people feel that spending time apart will cause complications, this is not the situation. The most important part of a booming marriage is normally mutual reverence and a very good foundation. The following a few useful hints to build an excellent relationship in a Czech region.

The first czech marital relationship tip is usually to make sure you aren’t forcing your partner to change all their mind. Try talking to your partner about your considerations and challenges. Discuss strategies to improve your romantic relationship without aiming to sway all their mind. You have to remember that the best marriage will depend on open conversation and not intimidation. It’s best to talk about complications together, certainly not separately. It’s also important to be more cheery with your spouse.

One other czech marriage tip is always to avoid pushing your partner to switch. Some people feel that spending time separately can lead to complications in the romance, but they’re wrong. The very best Czech marriage tips inspire one to keep your positive attitude and be person with each other. The best Czech matrimony strategies encourage couples being positive and spend time a part. They encourage couples to talk about their problems and try to improve their relationship. They need to not drive each other to switch.

If you would like to make your relationship previous, then there are some Czech relationship tips which can help you. While there are some items that can not be taught by a book, you can learn about how to boost the romance. By using these tactics, you can construct a solid foundation and avoid any trouble later on. It’s best to speak https://myrussianbrides.net/czech/ with regards to your problems collectively. You should be genuine with your spouse and avoid intimidation.

Czech marriage hints include talking about your challenges and resolving them collectively. By using the guidelines of the Czech marriage, you’d build a stable base. You could make your marriage last by being honest together with your partner and placing their needs above yours. The Czech lifestyle is known with regards to promoting equality and a harmonious relationship. While a lot of lovers may want to avoid having disagreements, it’s important to understand the nuances from the culture and exactly how the two people relate to one another.

When it comes to a healthy romance, the Czech women will need to respect their particular husbands and try not to shell out as well considerably time apart. Even though some people consider a lot of period apart an indicator of weakness, many lovers are able to enjoy a happy marriage. If you want to generate your marriage work, you will be honest with your partner. The Czech marriage tips are an excellent way to further improve your romance.

The right way to Have Powerful First Days

The secret to a successful initial date lies in the public skills of both companions. Keeping fixing their gaze is one of the subtle signs of a prosperous date. The eyes from the romantic or perhaps erectile interest happen to be drawn to the individual’s face or human body when they are looking at the other person. Additionally, avoiding monologues is also vital. It may audio awkward, yet monologues make for a very uneasy evening. You need to listen to the signals that come your path.

Positive energy is an important factor for powerful first times. If the person is friendly, you have a heightened chance of getting along with http://www.chicclick.th.com/turkish-brides-for-marriage/ him or her. When you’re talking to your date, which you’ve carried out your research via the internet. The more confident you feel, the greater people may come your way. Therefore , it’s important to learn about the potential day before interacting with them in real life. Regardless how similar you are, it how distinctive you will be – when you’re friendly and open with the partner, considerably more . better possibility of meeting someone special.

You shouldn’t make an effort to impress a woman. Aiming to impress a woman is not worth your time and effort. You should focus on getting to know her better and being a good good friend. The latter will make it easier for you to make a good moves on your primary date. Keep in mind, you’ll just get the things you put in. The first time frame is not really about matching or getting intimate – it’s regarding exploring the other person.

A successful earliest date consists of identifying what you’re looking for in a spouse. Having sex on the first date is never a sign of a critical relationship. It can more about having fun and being your self. Once you’ve established some prevalent blended, you can go for a longer date. In case the conversation runs naturally and you end up the kiss, it’s https://beautybride.org/dating-sites/philippines/ a good indication! And if you will absolutely nervous, you may generally get on a date with another individual.

It is necessary to note that both parties should certainly offer to include the initial date. Normally, it’s good to split the bill. However , it is advisable for the guy to create the time frame. If the young lady does not need to buy the food, she ought to be the one to get it done. A successful 1st date is definitely not difficult the moment both companions share identical values. So , be yourself and do your best make an impression a woman.

While most first of all dates will be tense and nerve-wracking, it’s important to be realistic and remain positive. Many individuals have unrealistic expectations with their dates. They want to impress the other person individual first time frame. In the meantime, a booming date must be light and fun. In the event both parties are compatible, the second time will be too. If you can’t locate chemistry with all your partner, you need to keep trying to find other prospects.

How you can Keep Your Russian Woman Cheerful

If you want to keep your Russian female happy, you’ll need to be more driven than she’s. This is because Russian women are incredibly ambitious and want to knowledge different things from their men. While most women could happily acknowledge a huge verify, others could want a trip or possibly a time away with other guys. If you’d like russian brides anastasia to keep your Russian wife happy, plan a great engagement party or maybe a Christmas get together that is both equally lavish and special. Don’t forget to present her with exquisite gifts as well.

The most impressive solutions to keep an eastern european woman happy is to make her feel special. An eastern european woman enjoys spending time with her guy. Don’t pressure her in to staying inside because she could be afraid to handle danger. Rather, keep the exterior doors unlocked during get-togethers. A yard lawn is also a great way to keep her happy. When you have a romantic backyard, this really is a great way to captivate wife that you like her.

Cooking great dinners is one method to keep your Russian female happy. These kinds of ladies take pleasure in spending time with the husbands and appreciate it when they are with these people. If you want to take care of Russian female happy, ensure you spend as much time jointly as you can. This will make certain you have a lot more enjoyable time together. You may want to throw an engagement party or a Christmas get together. Invite her friends to your place and stay sure to give them gifts. A superb husband know why his better half wants to use quality time with him and will try to provide that.

You can make her feel special by simply throwing an excellent dining. A Russian woman is often dedicated and wants to spend more time with several different guys. This is why you should think of a holiday party or engagement party. Be sure to purchase some gift items for the guests and make her feel special. You will be surprised at how much your spouse will love these signals. The next time you are tossing a lunch for your Russian wife, be sure you make this memorable!

Aside from cooking delicious foods, Russian girls also enjoy spending time outside of the home. Avoid try to generate them to http://srehra.com/read/getting-an-asian-woman-to-marry-some-tips-that-may-assist-you-find-the-right-an-individual-for-you/ go home too quickly, however , because they may be scared of certain perils. This can be avoided by setting up a pleasant garden and inviting close friends over to spend time together. You can also spend time together with your wife in the backyard backyard, which will make her more comfortable. Your spouse will love your garden.

It is important to recollect that Russian women are incredibly ambitious and want various things from their males. They want cash to travel and spend time with additional men. Therefore, you should arrange a wonderful engagement party and vacation parties on her behalf. Always remember to buy her gift items, especially on activities, because Russian women love to celebrate. They’re also very competitive, therefore make sure you will be patient and respect the feelings.


Zakat fitrah adalah zakat diri setiap muslim yang mampu, baik laki-laki maupun perempuan yang wajib dibayarkan sebelum tenggelamnya matahari pada hari terakhir Ramadhan. Besarannya 3,5 liter atau setara 2,7 kilogram makanan pokok yang biasa dikonsumsi
Kali ini OSIS SMA NEGERI 1 SUBOH Berkerja sama dengan REMAJA MASJID SMA NEGERI 1 SUBOH telah berhasil melaksanakan kegiatan yang diawali dengan pengumpulan zakat, dan pembagian wilayah zakat, kemudian diakhiri dengan pembagian secara langsung ke tempat-tempat yang sudah di tentukan.
Tempat yang kami jumpai yakni
1 asemkandang
2 suboh
3 pagar carang

Lewat agenda kegiatan tersebut kita mendapat banyak sekali pelajaran secara nyata
Salah satunya
Kita dapat mengerti hidup antar sesama muslim dan dapat meningkatkan sifat kepedulian antar sesama manusia.
Semoga kegiatan tersebut dapat membawa berkah dan kebahagiaan bagi penerima zakat
Dan Terimakasih kepada siswa/i SMA NEGERI 1 SUBOH yang telah membayar zakat, semoga apa yang di zakat kan dapat bermanfaat di akhirat kelak

Aamiin aamiin aamiin
Jangan lupa 3M
(mencuci tangan, menjaga jarak, memakai masker )
Semoga kita semua di jauhkan dari wabah corona dan dapat dipertemukan seperti biasa


Bagi-bagi Takjil dan buka bersama Ambalan Arjuna Srikandi SMAN1SUBOH

Pengurus ambalan arjuna srikandi SMA NEGERI 1 SUBOH telah melaksanakan bagi-bagi takjil pada tanggal 08 mei 2021 yang di hadiri oleh pembina dan waka kesiswaan ,, bukan hanya bagi-bagi takjil kami juga memberikan sumbangan pada panti Asuhan bersama senior purna bakti ,,,

Marilah tebar kebaikan di bulan ramadhan ini 😊

Jangan lupa 3M (mencuci tangan menjaga jarak dan memakai masker semoga kita semua terhindar dari wabah cowonya ini dan dapat dipertemukan seperti biasanya

Aamiin aamiin aamiin ya robbal alamin